2022 Students of Distinction

Indigo Clark passionate about music, art, the environment

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Gig Harbor Now is posting profiles of each of the 25 Students of Distinction being honored by the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation. The students will be honored during a banquet from 6 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, May 18, 2022, at Ocean5, 5268 Point Fosdick Dr.

Student: Indigo Clark

School: Peninsula High School

Category: Academic Achievement

Indigo Clark celebrates her creative spirit in song and in art. Choir was her favorite activity all through high school, increasing her confidence and introducing her to many of her best friends.

In addition to being part of the Peninsula High School choir, Indigo has sung in the WMEA All-State, All-Northwest and All-National honor choirs the past three years.

“You have to audition for the honor choir every year and only nine students are selected,” she said. “So it’s a pretty big honor to chosen.”

Indigo Clark

Indigo Clark Contributed

Eden’s Garden

She also loves to draw and has a freelance business creating personal Dungeons & Dragons characters for her clients. When the COVID shutdown switched school to online classes, Indigo used the extra time to publish a webcomic that she calls “Eden’s Garden.”

“It’s sort of a fantasy thing,” she said. “It started as a novel idea, just for my own enjoyment, completely driven by my passion for storytelling. I put it up on the internet and it got a big fanbase — more than a million views and 64,000 subscribers. And it’s earned me many unexpected successes like profiting off of my freelance artwork. I’m incredibly proud of it, even if it wasn’t my best work.”

She’s also using her talents to create illustrations for an independent video game studio in Germany.

Indigo has taken 10 AP/Honors classes and has a 3.93 GPA, ranking 21st in her class. She’s been an AP scholar and on the honor roll in grades 9-11.

She’s also Senior Senator for ASB and vice president of the PHS Environmental Club and has earned more than 10 hours of community service time recycling around the school for the club. That’s in addition to volunteering more than 30 hours at Winterfest.

Overcoming adversity

The toughest thing she had to deal with in high school was losing her father at the beginning of her senior year. She was already having a hard time making the transition from virtual learning to in person, and his passing completely shifted her mindset and perspective.

“Many of my struggles during high school have been short term or have clear endings,” she said. “I’ve struggled with anxiety and confidence, but forcing myself out of my comfort zone always helped tremendously. The complex emotions I’ve felt since he passed away have no clear solution – the most I can do is just provide myself with grace and forgiveness.”

This summer, her family is moving back to the Midwest, and in the fall Indigo will attend the University of Wisconsin–Madison to study graphic design. She wants to use her training and her natural talent to become a user-experience website designer.

Indigo’s talent, compassion and positive vision have impressed school counselor Molly Copeland.

“Our student body has navigated several very difficult years, and it is leaders like Indigo who we are thankful to have actively shaping a positive future for our school,” Copeland said. “She has demonstrated all the characteristics of a successful learner and contributes wholeheartedly to her campus community and improves the quality of student life for her peers. Every day she’s leaving her mark on PHS, making it a better place for all of us.

“She has also proven to be one of the most resilient and optimistic young adults that I have worked with. She has already endured more than many adults experience in terms of grief and loss, but it is not with defeat or fear that she portrays herself, nor is that how she pursues her life. I marvel at her ability to honor the life of her dear father by living her own with compassion, courage and grace. In treating others with unconditional positive regard and by practicing a deep and genuine empathy for everyone around her, she teaches all of us about healing, strength and hope. She is a bright light to us all.”

Indigo Clark

School: Peninsula High School

Category: Academic Achievement

Parent: Angela Clark

GPA: 3.93

Honors/Achievements: 10 AP/Honors courses; South Sound Conference Scholar Musician; National Honor Society; PHS student of the Quarter; AP Scholar; Honor Roll; Environmental Club Vice President; PHS Choir Council Secretary; ASB Senior Senator; Varsity letter in Choir.

Favorite teacher: Mr. Nugent— Psychology 101. “I have learned so much from him. He made understanding psychological principles engaging and not only taught me about how we think, but how to be a better human as well. I admire his kindness and knowledge.”

Best thing about PHS: The staff. Each of them are very unique and have so much knowledge to share. Our school is blessed to have five wonderful counselors. My high school experience would have been infinitely more difficult without them.

Advice to younger students: Don’t obsess over academics. They’re important, but never important enough to sacrifice sleep, sanity and mental health.