Gig Harborites love the natural surroundings in which they live, and Gig Harbor Now staff members keep them apprised of opportunities to enjoy and preserve their forests, waters and creatures.

In the Margins: Back to school in a classroom of river, sky and maybe even some fish

Sep 27, 2023 | By:

As our summer yielded to fall, I took myself back to school. My classroom was a quiet stretch of the Jefferson River in Montana, nestled between the Continental Divide to the west and the Tobacco Root Mountains to the east. Our annual eastward pilgrimage to this region is disguised as a family obligation to help

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Grants awarded to conserve Nelyaly, Little Minter Creek properties

Sep 22, 2023 | By:

Conservation Futures funds became available to add the two properties after it wasn’t used during the 2021-23 cycle.

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Purdy project open to salmon, not yet to cars

Sep 21, 2023 | By:

As the Purdy culvert replacement winds down to a December completion, fish passage work at Highway 16 will shift eastbound drivers into the median until Fall 2024.

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Two in Tow & On the Go: Kitsap County’s Anderson Park an uphill climb for kids

Sep 15, 2023 | By:

When Gig Harbor Now’s very own Kitsap crackerjack, Mr. Ed Friedrich, in all his infinite wisdom as a tried and true local, says to you, “Yo, new girl. You miss sand? Like, real sand? Because I’ve got just the place for you …”

You go, right?

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Jennifer Preston: From wanton waste to good taste

Sep 06, 2023 | By:

When I was young, my family struggled through some tough times and we were on government assistance. I remember standing in line at my mother’s side for yellow bricks of cheese at a government warehouse. I recall accompanying her up and down the grocery store aisles as she painstakingly selected food and household supplies. She

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Two in Tow & On the Go: Views, do’s and don’ts at the Old Ferry Landing

Sep 01, 2023 | By:

Today’s column took Clara and Wyatt through the rich history of Gig Harbor’s Old Ferry Landing, from its early days as a bustling transportation hub to its current status as a scenic viewpoint and public space. It also turned them into accidental trespassers. Oops.

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Day Tripper: Troll takes up residence on nearby Bainbridge Island

Aug 30, 2023 | By: Mary Williams

Day Tripper – Live like a tourist while staying close to home Gas prices are sky high, and a night in a hotel is approaching astronomically expensive.  So, for the foreseeable future, I imagine many of you are going to find yourselves taking day trips rather than the road trip vacations we’ve grown to love. 

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Famed Willits Canoes get a Gig Harbor homecoming

Aug 21, 2023 | By: Chapin Day

Phil Miller already has checked the tide charts. He’s regularly checking the weather forecasts. Why? This weekend, Miller, a retired Gig Harbor firefighter usually busy with other pursuits, plans to lead an armada up Hale Passage to invade an island. OK.  So it’s only a little local island. OK. So the landing craft are only

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Two in Tow & On the Go: By any name, Donkey Creek Park is a good time

Aug 18, 2023 | By:

There’s a lot to know about Gig Harbor’s famous Donkey Creek Park.
But did you know that Donkey Creek isn’t the creek’s real name? Or, that it’s not even a creek?
Read on as we break down all the charmingly odd tidbits about this family-friendly park you should definitely visit with your kids.

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With bear sightings on the rise, locals learn to live with the wild

Aug 17, 2023 | By:

The vibration that shook a Gig Harbor house on a recent Wednesday evening was so intense, the people inside thought it might be an earthquake. Then a neighbor called, warning of a black bear in the neighborhood. The critter scaled the neighbor’s tall fence with surprising speed. Another tremor rattled the house. An enormous, fur-covered

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