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Frequently Asked Questions

What pages will have ads?
Ads will appear on news article pages.

What are above the fold (ATF) ads?
Above the fold in online advertising refers to the viewable space on a web page when it first loads. The ATF ad will scroll out of view as the reader scrolls down the page. ATF ads on are 300×250 px.

What are sticky ads?
Sticky ads are on the same layer as the rest of the body content and scroll with the content until the top of the ad reaches the top of the window, then it stops scrolling and remains fixed in position while the rest of the page continues to scroll beside it. Sticky sidebar ads on can be either 300×250 px or 300×600 px, and only the bottom sidebar ad is sticky.

What are adhesion ads?
Adhesion ads load at the same time as the page, are fixed (“glued”) in position over the content, and do not move at all when the reader scrolls.

Will there be just one ad at a time in each position?
Ads will rotate between various advertisers.

Will sidebar ads appear on mobile?
Sidebar ads will not appear on mobile—they are desktop-only placement.

What types of ads will appear on mobile?
Because there is no sidebar on mobile, ads will be either in-content, adhesion, or both in-content and adhesion.

What percentage of Gig Harbor Now views are on mobile?
Over 75%

Do I need to submit separate ad files for desktop and mobile?
Yes, unless purchasing both a 300X250 sidebar and a medium in-content mobile ad, as these are the same size.


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