Letter to the Editor | Appreciative of the help on Parks Appreciation Day

May 09, 2024 | By: Billy Sehmel

Letter to the editor by Billy Sehmel, PenMet Parks commissioner.

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Letter to the Editor | Linda Pitcher’s ‘The Fleet’ created a lasting impact on Gig Harbor Fishermen

May 02, 2024 | By: Ken Malich

When Linda Pitcher arrived in Gig Harbor a few years ago, she brought with her a PhD in anthropology from Berkley. She stumbled upon our small community and its rich history of fishing, eventually becoming a volunteer at the History Museum. Linda spent several years meticulously piecing together information on all the commercial fishing boats

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Letter to the Editor | Inappropriate and unkind comments at school board meeting

Apr 29, 2024 | By: Aria Messer

It seems the only way ongoing forward momentum is made in the Peninsula School District regarding DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) and HIB (Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying), is to have the news publish an article about it. Thank you for your coverage in February. Since attending school board meetings from the beginning of the school year, I

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Letter to the Editor | Initiative sponsor applauds Gig Harbor voters

Apr 26, 2024 | By: Tim Eyman

Gig Harbor taxpayers are clearly tapped out and that’s why this property tax hike got rejected by 70% of voters. Even though proponents cheated by using tax dollars and illegally utilizing city personnel to promote their side, the citizens of Gig Harbor saw through it and overwhelmingly rejected this transparent tax grab. It’s long past

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Letter to the Editor | What exactly are the ‘scare tactics?’

Apr 22, 2024 | By: Craig McLaughlin

This may surprise some people, but I am impressed with Heather Maher’s Letter to the Editor and with her dedication to our community.  I also agree with much of what Heather has to say, and I thank her for sharing her thoughts.  I have always been an advocate for everyone having their say on issues

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Letter to the Editor | How a Cultural Access program would benefit Gig Harbor

Apr 19, 2024 | By: Stephanie Lile

Edward Nadler’s recent letter brought up the potential Cultural Access tax, stating that “this tax supports the organizations that preserve our city’s charm, natural beauty, and historic heritage.” It seems a fitting time to explain Cultural Access in deeper detail. Cultural Access is a fairly recent piece of legislation (RCW 36.160) that allows municipalities in

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Letter to the Editor | Sales, B&O taxes are more equitable options

Apr 09, 2024 | By: Edward Nadler

Gig Harbor voters are being asked to approve a permanent levy lid lift on property taxes. We are told that there has been no levy increase in over forty years, that in the last decade our population has increased 65%, placing a strain on city services. We’re told that in the last decade the property

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Letter to the Editor | Anti-lid lift arguments inaccurate and misleading

Apr 09, 2024 | By: Dorothy Bailey

On the evening of April 2, 2024, I attended a meeting sponsored by Engage Gig Harbor to learn more about the Gig Harbor Proposition 1, the “Levy Lid Lift”. Passage of this measure would allow the City Council to Increase Gig Harbor Property taxes from the current rate of $0.70/$1,000 to a maximum of $1.10/$1,000.

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Letter to the Editor | PenMet is part of what makes Gig Harbor great

Apr 08, 2024 | By: Heather Maher

As a mom, constituent, and PenMet Parks district taxpayer, I feel compelled to stand up against the recent comments directed at our local parks department leadership. For the past three years I have jumped in with both feet with the goal of learning about the Peninsula Metropolitan Parks Department: how the organization is operated, its

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Letter to the Editor | City made its own spending problem

Apr 05, 2024 | By: Jack Kennedy

The City has a spending problem of its own making. That problem is at the root of the City’s complaint that it is experiencing a deficit in its General Fund. It reports that it is experiencing a 2 million dollar shortfall in its General Fund and proposes to solve this problem by burdening Gig Harbor

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