How to Read Gig Harbor Now

Gig Harbor Now has published local stories since September 2021 as an online news source—and yet we still meet people in Gig Harbor who have not heard of us—or think we are only a newsletter. In fact, there are several ways you can read us.

On Our Website

Go directly to our website: Go to to read stories any time, any day. There is no paywall—anyone can read the stories as our writers post them. To make it even easier, follow the instructions below to add an app icon to your phone or tablet home screen that links directly to the mobile website.

On an iPhone or iPad: Open in Safari. You will see the share icon at the bottom of the screen (a box with an arrow pointing upward). Touch that icon, scroll down, and select “Add to Home Screen.” Our name and logo will appear. Click “Add” on the top right, and the shortcut will be added to your home screen.

On an Android device: Open in your browser and open the menu next to the URL bar. Depending on whether you are using Chrome or the Android browser, click on either “Install” or “Install App,” and a direct link to our website will be added to your home screen.

Note: The website has much more information than you will see if you only get the news recap. The website has information about our mission, who we are, our supporters, our policies, and advertising and sponsorship opportunities. You can also see our robust calendar of local events/happenings around town. In addition, we will be adding more content you won’t want to miss as time goes on.

Social Media

Follow us on social media to be notified of new stories as they are posted, as well as breaking news like traffic situations, police and fire activity, etc. (Some breaking news is only available on social media.)

While you are there, be sure to interact with us. We are your community news source. Tell us what you want to hear! Share our posts. Like us, love us, laugh/cry with us—we want to hear it all! And most importantly, help us spread the word by telling all of your friends about Gig Harbor Now. Expanding our audience is crucial to our mission!