2024 Students of Distinction

Sophie Blake displays determination and compassion

Posted on May 9th, 2024 By: Joshua Eskew

Gig Harbor Now is posting profiles featuring the Students of Distinction being honored by the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation. These students will be celebrated during a banquet from 6 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, at Ocean5, 5268 Point Fosdick Dr.

Sophie Blake 

School: Gig Harbor High School 

Category: Athletic Achievement 

Sophie Blake’s journey is one of discovery and determination. Unveiling her love for soccer in eighth grade ignited a spark that has since illuminated her path. Simultaneously, her fascination with medicine blossomed during hands-on experiences in anatomy and physiology classes. Sophie’s commitment to excellence knows no bounds as she diligently pursues her goals, striving to make every moment count. 

Sophie Blake

Embracing challenges with resilience 

In the whirlwind of academic rigor and athletic commitments, Sophie finds solace in dedication and time management. Recognizing the value of every precious second, she remains steadfast in her pursuit of success. With unwavering determination, Sophie navigates challenges with grace, driven by the belief that falling behind is simply not an option.

A vision for the future

Sophie’s ambitions extend far beyond the confines of high school. With aspirations to obtain a degree in public health at the University of Washington, she envisions a future where she can make a tangible difference in the world of medicine. Setting her sights on an orthopedics residency, Sophie dreams of combining her passion for healthcare with her love for travel, with destinations like France, Italy, and Greece beckoning her. Additionally, she will be playing Division 1 women’s soccer at UW.  

Cherishing connections, embracing family 

While Sophie’s dreams may take her across the globe, her heart remains rooted in the bonds of family and community. Despite the physical distance from her extended relatives, she endeavors to forge stronger connections, recognizing the profound impact of familial support on her journey. 

Sophie Blake

Category: Athletic Achievement 

Parents: Elizabeth and Jason Blake  

Achievements/Activities: Soccer: 11 years, 4 years Varsity at GHHS — Letters Earned: 4 Varsity Letters at GHHS — Titles/Awards: 2021 SSC Second Team, 2022 SSC Co-Offensive MVP, 2023 SSC First Team, 2023 TAC Soccer Athlete of the Year, 2023 Varsity Captain, 2022-2023 ECNL Northwest All-Conference First Team — League/State Placing: 2021 Fourth Place in State, 2021/2022/2023 SSC Campions/Co-SSC Champions; Academic Achievements: 2021-2022 Semester 1 4.0 Honor Roll, 2021-2022 Semester 2 4.0 Honor Roll, 2023-2024 Semester 1 4.0 Honor Roll

Favorite Teacher: “Mrs. Le Roy! She teaches Anatomy and Physiology, which is very in touch with my interests in medicine. She has given me the opportunity to dissect brains and learn so much about the human body, solidifying my interest in a future medical path.” 

Best thing about high school: “My favorite thing about Gig Harbor is the support towards sports teams. I feel that being a part of a team at GHHS or attending the games creates unity within our school.”