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Business Spotlight: One:11 is Gig Harbor’s new gentlemen’s den

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Tall, dark, and handsome describes Gig Harbor’s latest new retailer One:11. Located on Harborview Drive, this “gentlemen’s den” offers customers a curated assortment of men’s clothing and accessories.

With a distinct vintage-meets-contemporary vibe, it’s hard to miss the nods to bygone eras. Mounted on a hunter-green wall, a vintage car door hangs above an aged flat-topped trunk.

Contemporary men’s shirts and ties, as well as jeans, are thoughtfully displayed alongside vintage household accessories that would undoubtedly earn Don Draper’s admiration. They are artfully arranged around a timeless red Schwinn bike, parked atop an antique wooden table.

Shoppers browse inside One:11, a new store for men on Harborview Drive in Gig Harbor. Photo by Julie Warrick Ammann

Something for guys

“It was calling our name to do this, “ says Bruce Hillenbach, who cofounded One:11 with Starr Hall, owner of Arch & Starr, a new home and personal goods store that opened this summer on Pioneer Way.

Hillenbach said a walk along the waterfront inspired the idea for One:11. When the couple decided to shop separately during a visit to Gig Harbor, he quickly realized the only shopping options for him were kayaks and drinking. “There was nothing for guys.”

Seven months ago, Hillenbach and Hall relocated from Santa Barbara to Gig Harbor. Hall had traveled to Gig Harbor and throughout the area on many occasions for more than a decade. In her mind, she envisioned herself relocating to Washington someday due to her deep affection for the region.

Having raised her children, put her divorce behind her, and embarked on a new chapter in life, the moment had arrived to make the move to the PNW.

Starr Hall and Bruce Hillenbach, a new men’s apparel and goods store on Harborview Drive. Photo by Julie Warrick Ammann

Background in retail

Hall is no stranger to the world of retail. With over three decades of experience in the retail and hospitality industry, she has worked with renowned fashion brands such as Lucky Brand and True Religion. Hall also worked in the tech sector and public relations for municipalities, as well as with renowned restaurants and acclaimed chefs.

Following the launch of Arch & Starr in July, Hillenbach and Hall considered the possibility of introducing a men’s section to the store. When For the Love of Spice decided to move to a new location down the street, the couple decided to jump on the opportunity to take on the lease and open a men’s store.

Hillenbach and Hall are swift to praise each other for their respective strengths as a team. Hillenbach admires Hall’s approach (“She’s incredibly visionary”), while he sees his role as helping to bring those visions to life. “He brings everyone in and talks,” Hall remarks.

Hillenbach elevates the store with his professional mixology expertise, assembling a thoughtfully curated collection of cocktail accessories for customers to explore.

Items for sale at One:11 on Harborview Drive in Gig Harbor. Photo by Julie Warrick Ammann

One:11 inventory

One: 11 also offers handpicked Damascus knives, sourced from all over the world. Damascus knives are some of the most sought-after knives in the world, with unique patterns and strength.

“I love the creativity,” says Hall. She believes shopping should be an experience. “If you don’t make it an experience, you’re going to lose people. It’s so important in retail to have that.”

Jacob Coverdale, a Gig Harbor firefighter, checks out items for sale at One:11 recently. Photo by Julie Warrick Ammann

One: 11 proudly showcases a wide array of high-end and luxury merchandise for its customers. The selection includes Italian jeans and vegan shoes, products from the French brand BillyBelt, top-quality jeans from London, American-inspired denim by Lindbergh Denim, footwear from Oliver Cabell, and dress shirts along with sports jackets from Julian & Mark, a Quebec-based brand. The store is continually receiving new apparel and products.

What’s the significance of the name One:11? According to Hillenbach, it represents the idea of “synchronicity in life.” It’s those moments when you happen to glance at the clock every day, and it consistently reads 1:11. The name encapsulates those meaningful connections to events that may appear to be mere coincidences but may hold a deeper meaning.

Whether by chance or design, One:11, as Hillenbach puts it, embodies the lifestyle and tastes they like to share.


Opened: Sept. 23


Address: 3104 Harborview Drive

Hours: Noon to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday, closed on Monday and Tuesday

Contact:  [email protected]

Social: @one11gigharbor

Bruce Hillenbach with a vintage horn, a pipe and other items for sale at One:11 in Gig Harbor. Photo by Julie Warrick Ammann