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Gig Harbor Police Blotter: A shoplifting two-fer

Posted on March 3rd, 2023 By:

Editor’s note: The Blotter is written based on information provided by Gig Harbor Police and Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One.

Two Gig Harbor police officers patrolling the parking lot of a department store off Borgen Boulevard noticed a man getting into a motorized scooter cart. The man joked with them: “catch me if you can!”

A little while later, they did.

About a half-hour after making himself so conspicuous to officers, the man removed an anti-theft device from a $400 device for sale in the store. Officers reported that he switched sales tags with a cheaper item and tried to buy the $400 device for $3.

While officers were speaking with the first suspect, a second set off a store security alarm by walking out with a bag of goods for which he had not paid. When officers told him to stop, he responded that he didn’t have to and continued walking. An officer “spun (him) around and pinned him against the wall” before “talking him into handcuffs.’

The second suspect later told officers – who were wearing uniforms – he thought they were merely store security, not police.

Combined, the two suspects attempted to steal more than $1,000 worth of goods.

Both subjects were cited and released. Police forwarded reports to prosecutors for possible charges.

$700 worth of shoes stolen

Three women walked out of a discount shoe store off Borgen Boulevard with more than $700 of unpaid merchandise on Feb. 26.

The three women lingered in the store for more than 45 minutes and collected some 25 items before walking out without paying, a store manager told police. Officers obtained video footage of the suspects.

Mental illness victim removed from home

Officers arrested a 26-year-old Gig Harbor man after he refused to leave a family member’s home off Grandview Street early on Feb. 26.

Officers noted that they knew the 26-year-old, having spoken with him on several previous occasions related to his struggles with mental illness. In this most recent instance, officers observed that their presence was escalating the situation.

With the homeowner/family member’s permission, the officers opted to let the 26-year-old remain in the home until a designated crisis responder was available to help. Designated crisis responders, or DCRs, are typically social workers or counselors trained in working with victims of mental illness.

The homeowner called officers back to the home about an hour later when the 26-year-old became agitated and aggressive. Officers removed him from the home and arrested him for an outstanding warrant.