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Gig Harbor Police Blotter: Gun pulled in parking lot confrontation

Posted on August 18th, 2022 By:

Editor’s note: The Police Blotter is written based on information in Gig Harbor Police reports.

A man told police that another man pulled a handgun on him in a department store parking lot on the afternoon of Aug. 15.

The victim told officers that he was driving through the parking lot and glanced at an SUV parked in a shaded area. A man inside the SUV flipped him off “for no apparent reason,” then pointed a gun at him.

The man stopped his vehicle and confronted the suspect. He told the suspect that it “wasn’t smart” to display a firearm in that manner, and that if he did so to a legally armed individual it “might have a negative impact.”

The suspect responded by threatening to sic his pit bull-mix dog on him. The man told the suspect that if that happened, he would slit the dog’s throat.

The reporting party told police that he tried to check the suspect’s license plate, but it was obscured. The suspect drove off and officers were unable to locate him.

One man punctures, the other punches

Witnesses called 911 on the morning of Aug. 13 to report seeing a man poke a hole in a vehicle parked on Point Fosdick Drive. The driver of the damaged vehicle then punched the other man.

Officers located one of the people involved. He said he was sitting inside his car when he noticed someone kneeling next to his front driver’s side tire. Then he heard the tire pop.

The man got out of the vehicle and confronted the person. The situation escalated and he punched the other man, who then fled.

The man whose tire was popped said he recognized the suspect from an earlier confrontation at a nearby restaurant. He said he reported the other man to the restaurant owner for disruptive behavior. The owner told the disruptive subject to leave and asked him not to return. The victim believed that the man popped his tire in retaliation.

Officers searched the area but were unable to locate the suspect.

Suspect cited after shoplifting a sex toy

A 37-year-old man was cited on Aug. 14 after allegedly stealing a sex toy from a store on Borgen Boulevard.

Clerks called police after watching the suspect walk out of the store with unknown merchandise. Officers found him riding a bicycle in the parking lot. He briefly tried to escape by pedaling toward a nearby wooded area, but officers cut him off with their cars.

He admitted to dumping merchandise and other contraband in the tree line. Officers recovered a box containing methamphetamine, fentanyl and other narcotics.

They also found the sex toy in his backpack, already taken out of its packaging. Officers returned it to the store. The suspect was cited for shoplifting, trespassed from the store and provided a drug treatment referral card.