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Gig Harbor Police Blotter: Suspect in robbery at Target arrested

Posted on June 9th, 2022 By:

Gig Harbor Police arrested a man suspected of robbing two Target stores after he immediately attempted to unload stolen merchandise via an online sales website.

Officers were called to the Gig Harbor Target on the afternoon of June 8. Employees there reported that a man had asked them to take two Google Pixel 6 mobile phones out of a secure case.

When employees opened the case, the man took the phones from them and also grabbed two laptop computers. He then put his hand under his jacket and claimed to be armed with a pistol.

He told the employee to walk away because “I don’t want to hurt someone.” The suspect fled via an emergency exit at the rear of the building.

Store security said the same man robbed the Silverdale Target on June 7 in an identical manner.

Detectives checked an online second-hand sales website called OfferUp. They found a listing for Google Pixel 6 phones being sold by an account with no history before June 7. The most recent post from the account had been posted about 30 minutes after the Gig Harbor robbery.

Posing as potential buyers, detectives made an appointment to see the phones. They met the suspect at a Walmart in Federal Way.

The suspect, a 29-year-old transient, attempted to run but was apprehended nearby. He was booked into the Pierce County Jail on suspicion of second degree robbery and other possible crimes.

Social media disagreement leads to dispute IRL

A 19-year-old Gig Harbor man is accused of damaging a pickup truck being driven by acquaintance, who the 19-year-old said had posted a “slanderous” social media comment.

Officers were called to a residence on Soundview Drive. The owner of the pickup said the 19-year-old had hit the truck with a baseball bat while it was being driven by his 18-year-old grandson.

The grandson said the 19-year-old confronted and accused him of posting a slanderous comment about his brother. The 19-year-old then struck the pickup with a metal baseball bat.

When officers contacted the 19-year-old, he admitted to hitting the truck with a bat and expressed regret. GHPD forwarded a report on the incident to Pierce County prosecutors.

Legos remain a target of shoplifters

Officers were called to the Gig Harbor Target store on June 5 for a report of a shoplifter.

As they were responding, officers noticed a Nissan Maxima in the parking lot that “was loaded full of boxes of Legos.” An officer noted that Target security had previously told him that Legos are a commonly stolen item.

A security guard from a nearby grocery store had already stopped the female suspect. She denied stealing anything, though her purse was full of clothing with Target sales tags. She also wore a jacket that had a tag from another store.

Officers found more stolen merchandise, including Legos, under a bush. They issued a theft citation and trespassed the suspect from Target. If she returns she could be charged with burglary.