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Letter to the editor: Pro-sprawl builders support Lonergan

Posted on October 28th, 2022 By: John Anderson

Tacoma resident Paula Longergan, candidate for Pierce County Council District 7, is the recipient of over $100,000 in special interest contributions primarily from the building industry. Yes, the same building industry that has slammed hundreds of homes into our communities in the last few years causing massive traffic and crowding in our schools.

Lonergan has accepted both contributions and endorsements from builders who have blighted our area with sprawl that puts undo stress on our infrastructure, parks, and neighborhoods. While she has fought her own battle with builders in Tacoma where she lives, she ignores our battle to maintain our small-town feel as she gladly takes builder campaign money.

After barely winning her primary by 86 votes, she is now playing catch up by putting up hundreds of eyesore campaign signs, flooding our mailboxes and mobile phones with messages telling us what is wrong but not sharing how she proposes to fix anything.
How Lonergan runs her campaign proves she has never spent time in our rural communities and pouring over $100,000 into her campaign cannot fix that but it proves if she is elected, she will fight for the builders, not us.

John Anderson

Gig Harbor


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