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Letter to the editor: Randall’s ‘disastrous’ first term

Posted on November 7th, 2022 By: Bruce Cook

Sen. Emily Randall, the youngest elected senator in Olympia, has had a disastrous first term in office. The only question is which failures to start with: Massively raising our taxes (including gasoline, and voting 68 times for tax increases), decriminalizing controlled substances (hard drugs) (SB 5476), socializing health insurance (SB 5822), voting for antigun legislation to ban high capacity magazines and promote “red flag” laws (SB 5078), introducing Critical Race Theory under the guise of diversity training (SB 5227) and graphic sex education into elementary school curriculum (SB 5395), and failing to support our police with more funding.

In addition, she cast the deciding vote to pass the capital gains tax bill into law in 2021 before stepping off the Senate floor during a vote on the bill to restore police pursuit (SB 5919) during the final days of the 2022 session. As a result, the bill failed and law enforcement officers remain unable to do their jobs effectively and provide public safety in Washington.

Just say “no” to Emily Randall. We can’t afford four more years of her Seattle-style policies, and I endorse and recommend four-term legislator Rep. Jesse Young for state Senate in the 26th District.

Bruce Cook