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Letter to the editor: Young offers action and common sense

Posted on October 14th, 2022 By: Robert Hartnett

I enthusiastically endorse Jesse Young for Washington State Senate for two reasons: his eight years of experience as our Legislative Representative and from several in-person conversations.

Jesse Young is one of the most senior representatives in Olympia with over eight years’ experience.  He has served on the several key committees including: “Children’s, Youth & Family; Finance and the Public Safety Committee. He knows how the legislative process in Olympia works and knows how to protect our community interests from the onslaughts outside the district.

My first personal contact with Jesse was when I made a visit to his Gig Harbor office. The reasons were: concern of the adverse impact of the continual increases in our property taxes especially for fixed incomes residents; shortfalls in services; retaining funds to support our own local schools needs first.

Jesse was a truly an active listener and he even took notes. He asked smart, facilitative questions and could thoroughly articulate the issues. Not only was he full in support but he had already taken legislative actions to solve them. His voting record and support of ballot initiatives backs up his words.

Several times this past year I’ve spoken with Jesse on a range of issues facing our community particularly crime/public safety. Again, he had already taken vigorous measures to keep funding our local law enforcement organizations and prosecution of criminal behaviors.

Jesse is action orientated with common sense, down-to-earth solutions and not just pie in the sky solutions rhetoric. He also has a personal interest in our community as he is the father of six children.

Jesse Young’s leadership and legislative expertise needs to be elevated to the next level: State Senator! He truly does care and takes action.

Robert Hartnett

Fox Island

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