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Letter to the Editor | Concerns about PenMet leadership

Posted on April 1st, 2024 By: James H. Castino

As with many other folks in the greater Gig Harbor area, I am increasingly concerned about the direction of the current PenMet Parks leadership, with respect to the size & scope of recent levy proposals (reference the proposed 30% increase last November 2023 that fortunately failed), and now the most current proposal being studied for a $46.2 million Aquatics Center. Holy Cow …

I do appreciate fully, that the current Park Board is well intended in trying to address the needs of the GH Community with measures to enhance our experiences with recreation opportunities. But at the same time, I feel like there is a disconnect here, in failing to adequately consider how these mega projects will be funded? Like a lot of folks, we are getting more alarmed at the size of our annual property taxes. Holy cow again …

I think the Pen Met Parks Board of Directors needs to re-think their priorities, and to focus their resources (our resources….) on Capital projects that better respect the limits of our ability as taxpayers to fund these entities.

Instead of spending so much of our tax dollars on huge projects with dubious ability to actually get funded — are adequate funds available for operation after they are built? We should all be concerned with that topic, as well.

James H. Castino

Gig Harbor

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