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Letter to the editor: Council member defends record

Posted on October 26th, 2023 By: Jeni Woock

Recently, the cofounder of the Short Term Rental Alliance wrote a letter denigrating “old time” former Council-members and myself.

I am proud to have sat with that former (2018-2021) counsel, and here are just a few great things that we did for Gig Harbor citizens:

We saved Soundview Forest Park, across from The Tides, and kept it from being turned into condos with about 100 additional cars driving up and down Soundview every day. We purchased and saved those trees, and heron habitat  forever because that’s what our citizens asked us to do.

We got rid of developer agreements. Those were those special deals that gave developers special deals. We made sure the developers had to play by the rules and regulations on the books, just like anyone else.

We made changes to our zoning code to reduce density, protect trees, protect critical areas, and wildlife habitat … because our citizens told us that was important to you.

With the vote by Gig Harbor citizens, we created the Transportation Benefit District. With the VOTE of Gig Harbor citizens sales tax was increased by .01%, which gave us money for needed street and road infrastructure improvements. That counsel and I would have never considered raising you sales tax without the vote of you Gig Harbor citizens. It’s your money.

After the pandemic and reopening we would have never considered closing the door to our citizens attending in-person, open public meetings of the council study session, planning, parks or other commission and board meetings. We would have not considered having only zoom meetings citing climate change without trying to reschedule meetings or plant more trees or stop cutting trees. We would have researched more effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our 6 1/2 sq mile town than closing council study sessions and commission meetings for the public.

Yes, we had a special interest group, the citizens of Gig Harbor.  Perhaps, listening to citizens is part of the reason some of us support Ed Nadler for council.

It is part of the many reasons I support Ed Nadler and if you want your voice to matter, I hope you will support him also.

It is an honor to serve you,

Jeni Woock

Gig Harbor City Council

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