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Letter to the editor: GOP used FISH logo without permission

Posted on November 7th, 2022 By: Kevin Cummings

The FISH foodbank in Gig Harbor serves thousands of families across 11 zip codes in the Kitsap Peninsula. As an IRS registered 501c3 tax exempt charity, they are not allowed to endorse candidates. However, that didn’t stop (the Republican Party) from unethically (illegally?) using the FISH logo on campaign materials without permission, which the foodbank would not have been allowed to give.

FISH has recently finished a tremendous fundraising effort that allowed them to move into a new building and better serve community clients. The improper action by  jeopardizes the foodbanks’ non-profit status and could result in losing their 501c3 designation. This action would severely harm future fundraising efforts by FISH and hurt their ability to serve families in the area.

For these candidates to conduct their campaigns in such a disgraceful manner, just as ballots are arriving at homes in the area, is nothing short of shameful. The public needs to know the depths to which these two will stoop in order to get elected. Integrity should count for something, it is up to the voters to teach candidates that underhanded tactics won’t be rewarded.

Kevin Cummings

Gig Harbor

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