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Letter to the editor: Happy to let PenMet have my tax dollars

Posted on October 26th, 2023 By: Suzi Loya

Much has changed in Gig Harbor since 1978 when my husband, Joe, and I landed here from California (yes, we were one of those!). We choose Gig Harbor, in part, because we wanted a different environment in which to raise our 5-year old daughter. What we found were excellent schools, good neighbors, and beautiful parks. We spent many afternoons clamming, boating, hiking and day-camping.

As seniors, with our family grown, we take full advantage of the extensive catalog of events and classes offered by PenMet Parks.

Today, I see that PenMet Parks is asking a levy renewal for operations, maintenance, programs and improvements.

In my opinion, this is a reasonable request. Our home has tripled in value and desirability. My Pierce County Tax Information reports a $30/month assessment for parks based on my home’s value. Proposition 1 will renew this fee.

This is a valuable investment in the future of our kids, parents and grandparents.

Vote yes on Proposition 1.

Suzi Loya

Gig Harbor

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