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Letter to the editor: PenMet has delivered

Posted on October 23rd, 2023 By: Steve Nixon

PenMet Parks has delivered for our community!

Thanks to the vision of leaders in our community over 20 years ago, the idea of PenMet Parks was spawned.  The vision to develop parks and recreation for our community with local oversight and resources.  I can’t imagine our community without PenMet Parks!

Gems in our community like Sehmel Homestead Park, McCormick Forest Park, Harbor Family Park, Tacoma Demolay Sandspit Nature Preserve (Bella Bella Beach), Narrows Park, Tubby’s Trail Dog Park, Rotary Bark Park, probably would not exist in our community without PenMet Parks.

I remember voting yes to support the formation of PenMet Parks and I remember thinking it was a reasonable investment to strengthen my local community.  In 2017, I remember voting yes to restore full funding for PenMet Parks to provide more for our community, PenMet Parks delivered again!

Acquisition of the Performance Golf property to develop a Community Recreation Center, replacing the synthetic turf field and adding lighting at Sehmel Homestead Park, renovation of the historic Arletta Schoolhouse, renovation of the historic Rosedale Hall, expanding McCormick Forest/Rotary Bark Park by adding 70 more acres of green space, addition of programs for Seniors, additional programs, camps, activities and events.  PenMet has delivered all of these things because we asked for it!

The community continues to ask for more!  More fields, more courts, more trails, more green space, aquatics, dedicated space for seniors, more saltwater access, more programs, more activities, more good things for our community.

I am glad that the PenMet Parks Commissioners are asking me what I think by placing this measure on the ballot, and I say YES!  Yes, I will continue to invest in my community through parks and recreation.

Steve Nixon

Gig Harbor

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