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Letter to the editor: PenMet preserves community forests and open spaces

Posted on October 30th, 2023 By: Hunter Severt

I am writing in support of the PenMet Parks Levy Renewal.

Under PenMet’s stewardship, we have stunning Parks and trail systems. My family & I use the trails at McCormick Forest and Sehmel Park on a regular basis. There are trees along these trails that are ancient — breathtaking in their size and presence. How lucky we are that PenMet had the foresight to preserve them. I think it is vital that we help support PenMet’s efforts to continue to preserve community forests and open spaces.

I attended one of their recent informational meetings regarding the levy. I noticed they are using a new tag line — “Parks for all, Parks for life”. I think that sums it up for me.

Please join me in voting YES on the 2023 PenMet Parks Renewal Levy.

Thank you,

Hunter Severt

Gig Harbor

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