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Letter to the editor: Randall will protect equal rights

Posted on October 24th, 2022 By: Betty and Jay Lilenthal

We are voting (again) for State Senator Emily Randall because we have watched her commitment and non-partisan hard work. Recently I hosted an event: a Meet & Greet for Senator Randall and Robyn Denson.

I invited friends of different political and social views, all with the same goal: honest, transparent, equitable and fiscally responsible representation. One thing was clear…everyone appreciated how knowledgeable Senator Randall and Robyn were on the issues, how they are committed to working with everyone, regardless of political affiliation. And how they both listened to our concerns and honestly answered questions, if they did not have the answer they said so, and offered to research an issue. It was obvious that they care about being good stewards of taxpayer money…they have proven that they are reasonable, caring, involved community members.

Emily works across the aisle for the benefit of us all, she is not a proponent of negative politics. Time and time again she has demonstrated how she focuses on OUR needs and priorities, she puts politics aside for us. Her efforts reduced Tacoma Narrows tolls; provided working family and small business tax relief; drug  and healthcare cost reduction.

Together Senator Randall and the Kitsap County Sheriff Department delivered tangible solutions to keep our communities safe. She knows crime is an ongoing problem that needs to be resolved. She is committed to the investment of programs that addresses crime at the source, i.e. shopping center theft in Gig Harbor and the prevention of catalytic convert theft. Emily worked to increase law enforcement funding and to expand training for law enforcement officers. We are a family of law enforcement and can attest to the importance of any kind of training!

We are particularly thankful for her determination to protect our equal rights. I appreciate her dedication to defend Women’s rights. I come from the era where a woman could be fired from her job because she had to care for sick children. My generation fought long and hard for equality, now I fear that right is being torn asunder. We thank Senator Randall for her grit and look forward to real solutions.

Betty and Jay Lilenthal

Gig Harbor

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