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Letter to the Editor: Sehmel embodies community involvement

Posted on November 1st, 2023 By: Craig Stokes

Just over two years ago, my wife, our two kids, and I moved to Gig Harbor from California. The honeymoon period for our new home hasn’t ended — we are still astounded by the beauty of the area and how incredible the community is. We got involved in the local community, our kids’ schools, adopt a road (to help keep our community clean and to show our kids what community involvement looks like), and in the PenMet meetings and projects.

One thing near to my heart is the proposed Aquatic Center project, given how difficult it is to get swim lessons for our youngest and how important that is for other parents I’ve spoken with, given we are surrounded by water on three sides. I began attending PenMet public meetings on the Community Recreation Center and the proposed Aquatic Center to gain an understanding and to see where I can contribute.

Very quickly, I got to know Billy Sehmel, who had a great knowledge of the area and shared a similar desire to see our community thrive and prosper. Of the three candidates running for PenMet Commissioner, Billy was the only one who attended these meetings. Not only was he there, but he was actively engaged. We have made Gig Harbor our home, the place where our kids will grow up. For us, it’s important to show our kids what community engagement looks like — it’s being involved, it’s service, to make our home better for all of us. To me, a candidate needs to earn the role by showing up and doing the work, which is why, without question, I’m supporting Billy Sehmel for PenMet Commissioner.

Craig Stokes

Wollochet Bay

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