Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Thanks to all letter writers and to Gig Harbor Now

Posted on November 10th, 2023 By: Craig McLaughlin

I want to thank everyone who contributed to the string of Letters to the Editor regarding the PenMet Levy Lid Lift — both those who opposed the Levy Lid Lift and those who supported it.  I see that chain of Letters as a great exercise of American democracy where the issue was debated in a public arena enhancing the knowledge of the voters. An informed electorate is vital to any democracy.

My goal at the beginning was to educate and inform the voters by satisfying PenMet’s obligation of full disclosure. I feel that I and others have done that which is why I would have accepted the vote regardless of the outcome.

My sincerest hope is that the folks at Gig Harbor Now, who made it all possible, see what a success this exercise was and will encourage similar public engagements in future elections. I believe they provided a great service to all of us.

Craig McLaughlin

Fox Island

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