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Letter to the editor: What constitutes a special interest?

Posted on October 26th, 2023 By: Edward Nadler

In response to Ms. O’Malley’s vitriolic and contemptuous comments attacking citizens of Gig Harbor I can only say I am sorry to those citizens being slandered and ridiculed for having endorsed me as a Candidate for City Council. It is unfortunate that those with a contrary opinion continue to be demeaned.  Such a mean-spirited assault is unwarranted.  Frankly, I did not anticipate the personal attacks that I have received during this campaign, however as Ms. O’Malley states, “Politics have never been any different.” What a sad statement regarding our city and in fact our country.

As to individuals associated with the GHSTRA (Gig Harbor Short Term Rental Alliance), which advocated for unrestricted STR regulations in Gig Harbor, these individuals came together as a formal group to champion their cause. They raised money, retained legal counsel and lobbied the city Council on the proposed ordinance pertaining to STRs. Surely this constitutes a special interest.

As to “the agenda that he is putting forth”.  I advocate for our citizens being heard, listened to and understood.  I am for enforcement of our city code and meeting our approved police staffing levels.  I am for ensuring our growth focuses on our community’s needs first, focusing on infrastructure catch up.  I would like to see us maintain residential integrity by keeping our building and zoning codes intact.  In keeping with the Gig Harbor CAP and UFMP I’d like the city to champion an electric shuttle service and require that any tree removed be replaced.  My agenda calls for creating diverse community facilities which support our seniors and youth, recreation and the arts and represents our history.  What about this agenda is disagreeable?

Unfortunately, such tantrums are becoming more common.  Members of citizen commissions have found themselves being punished for expressing contrary opinions.  We have to institute rules forbidding rude and offensive behavior; Council’s own guidelines stipulate that “Respect should be shown to present and past council members, the Mayor, and staff”, the fact that these are necessary is a sad state of affairs.

All we can do as citizens is participate in the process and vote.  I encourage everyone to get involved. You may be vilified for expressing your opinion or for stating facts some find disagreeable, but please do not let that prevent you from participating. Gig Harbor is our home, we all have the right to participate in its present and future.  Please don’t allow anyone to bully nor intimidate you into thinking otherwise.

Edward Nadler

Candidate for Gig Harbor City Council

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