2024 Students of Distinction

Teagan McMonagle embraces creativity and self-discovery

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Gig Harbor Now is posting profiles featuring the Students of Distinction being honored by the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation. These students will be celebrated during a banquet from 6 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, at Ocean5, 5268 Point Fosdick Dr.

Teagan McMonagle 

School: Peninsula High School 

Category: Music, Arts and Drama Achievement 

In the world of creativity and self-expression, Teagan McMonagle, a student from Peninsula High School, shines brightly, embodying passion and a profound love for the arts. Teagan’s journey through high school has been marked by lessons, experiences, and a commitment to pursuing his dreams. 

Teagan McMonagle

Advice to incoming freshmen

Reflecting on his high school journey, Teagan offers insightful advice to incoming freshmen and his younger self alike. “Don’t ever underestimate yourself, but be aware of your limits,” he shares. Through his own experiences, Teagan has learned the importance of taking risks, embracing challenges, and listening to his impulsive mind — a lesson he hopes to impart to others embarking on their own paths of self-discovery. 

Lessons learned in the theater

Having directed several plays and earned notable roles in theatrical productions, Teagan has gleaned invaluable lessons from his experiences in the spotlight. For him, directing is not just about bringing his vision to life but also about fostering connections with others and igniting their passion for the creative process. His proudest achievement, playing Willy Wonka in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” taught him the importance of earning rewards through hard work, dedication, and humility. 

Integration of passion

As Teagan prepares to continue his academic journey at the University of Puget Sound, he plans to integrate his passion for musicals and theater into his college experience. While he acknowledges the challenges of pursuing a career in theater, he remains committed to honing his craft and exploring opportunities for artistic expression both on and off campus. With a pragmatic outlook, Teagan intends to balance his creative pursuits with practical considerations, knowing the importance of having a backup plan while nurturing his passion for the performing arts.  

A tribute to mom

Among Teagan’s many sources of inspiration, his mother stands out with her strength, kindness, and resilience. He notes, “she has always seen the best in everyone as often as she can and does her best to push through no matter how difficult things get. She is always the life of the party, and no matter how much it exhausts her, she holds through no matter what and puts others first.”   

Teagan McMonagle 

Category: Music, Arts and Drama Achievement 

Parents: Kathryn Haynes, Micah McMonagle, Kimberly DeVore 

Achievements/Activities: 4 Years of string orchestra; 8 Years of total music experience and education; 7 years of choir/singing; Technician in Anne of Green Gables; King in Cinderella; Voldy, Snape, Fat Friar in Puffs!; Willy Wonka in Willy Wonka; Judge Turpin in Sweeney Todd; Phil in Almost, Maine; Director of the Lottery; Adam in Freaky Friday; Theatre Council for 2 Years; Section leader in Choir; Show Director; AVID 

Favorite Teacher: “Mr. Bullock is my favorite teacher because he puts aside hours, days, and even weeks to allow his program and students to succeed. He balances more on his shoulders than anyone I know, and somehow manages it all.”

Best thing about high school: “I think my favorite thing about PHS is its ability to allow everyone to have somewhere they belong. There are clubs, classes, and all sorts of activities that allow people to branch out or spend time doing what they’re best at.”  

What is an achievement that you are most proud of and what did that achievement teach you?  I mean, when it comes to awards, I haven’t received many, but I am very prideful of things that I’ve helped create and roles that I’ve earned. My biggest example would probably be playing Willy Wonka in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, because when I received that role, my director sat me down and informed me that it was a role of leadership, and it involved knowing what I was doing. I had worked for the role and he had hoped that I would not let him down or regret it, and, from the respect I’ve been given after the fact, and from what I’ve been told, I have not let him down, and I have done my best to live up to the name that he’s given me. It really helped me learn and understand that you earn your rewards, and nothing can just be given. There’s always a reason behind it, and it’s important to savor what you’re given and not abuse the power you’re handed.