Paige Schulte

Paige Schulte is an entrepreneur who sells real estate in the Gig Harbor market and community philanthropist who also runs the nonprofit ChelseaPaige Foundation. Last year she closed 94 units and $84 million and has been featured in USA Today and the Wall Street Journal for use of digital media. In February 2022, she launched her own boutique office with a continued effort to niche down and partner with other community-focused real estate entrepreneurs. She also has three kids, a patient husband and a pup named Lucy. They live in Gig Harbor. For more information visit

Inside Gig Harbor Real Estate: The importance of choosing the right mortgage lender

Mar 14, 2023

Paige Schulte is founder of the Neighborhood Experts Real Estate office in Gig Harbor. In 2020, she was recognized by the Wall Street Journal for her use of virtual tours and digital media for buyers during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic. She was named 2022 Finest Realtor in Gig Harbor by Gig Harbor Living

Inside Gig Harbor Real Estate: Tips for buyers and sellers

Feb 07, 2023

The housing market continues to show us that you can’t time it perfectly. Market snapshot Interest rates have stabilized. We are currently in the high 5% range (at time of printing) for conventional/20% down. Inventory continues to slide backwards. The number of homes on the market remains very low, while buyer confidence increases. At time