Letter to the editor: PenMet measure will help preserve Gig Harbor as we know it

Oct 17, 2023 | By: Deb Krishnadasan

I grew up in a rural Pierce County home surrounded by forests. When we asked, we were told the land directly across from our house was wetlands, unbuildable. Five years later, a large, grey, concrete warehouse stood on that land directly in front of our house. Developers figured out how to build. There has been tremendous

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Letter to the Editor: How does PenMet compare to other park districts?

Oct 17, 2023 | By: Craig McLaughlin

PenMet has referred to data provided by the National Recreation and Park Association or “NRPA.”  NRPA has 7 key metrics it uses to compare one park with another. The NRPA metric data is compiled from a thousand park districts across the country. I’ve used the data for park districts with between 20,000 and 50,000 residents

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Letter to the editor: PenMet request is excessive

Oct 17, 2023 | By: Tom Long

The PenMet Tax levy lid lift request is excessive, in particular because of the built in “up to 6% annual increase for 5 years”. Can you imagine that it will ever be less than the full 6% per year? The need is not established. As an example, I love Mccormick Forest but I cannot imagine

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Letter to the editor: Misinformation and inaccurate statements by PenMet levy opponents

Oct 11, 2023 | By: Steve Nixon

I am writing in response to Ed Friedrich’s article on the PenMet Parks levy lid lift measure. Mr. Friedrich’s reporting on this measure provides a good explanation regarding the funding structure for PenMet, as well as explaining the financial implications associated with the measure. Unfortunately, some of the information and statements provided in the GHN

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Letter to the editor: PenMet’s risky financial planning

Oct 10, 2023 | By: Craig McLaughlin

PenMet is pleading poverty in 2024. Its draft 2024 budget shows that without the additional $2.7 million in property tax levies the levy lid lift would provide just in 2024 (almost a 30% increase), PenMet would have to cut its cash outlays by $2.5 million. Let’s take a closer look at how PenMet plans to

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Letter to the editor: Who is financially responsible for future environmental damage?

Oct 09, 2023 | By: Lucinda Wingard

Regarding “The Reserve, an RM Homes development approved by the City of Gig Harbor despite environmental threats”: Who pays for future environmental damage caused by a developer? “In the event of imminent threat to public health, welfare, or water quality, the Stormwater Maintenance Agreement gives the city unrestricted authority to access the stormwater facilities for

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Letter to the editor: Vote ‘yes’ on PenMet’s lid lift to support seniors

Oct 04, 2023 | By: Betty Lilienthal

‘How to put into words the passion and commitment I feel? As a woman of a “certain” age (Ahem…senior citizen) I relish my years. After much searching, my husband and I chose to retire in the Gig Harbor area in 2003. It promised all of the charm and beauty of a very desirable community in

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Letter to the editor: Does PenMet really handle funds responsibly?

Oct 04, 2023 | By: Craig McLaughlin

In response to Ed Friedrich’s well-researched article on PenMet’s Levy Lid Lift proposition: The 2.5% assumed assessed value increase With regard to the 2.5% assumed increase in assessed values, Mr. Friedrich quotes the County Assessor as saying the 2.5% is a reasonable estimate. I don’t argue that point. My point is that PenMet, being a

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Letter to the editor: Gig Harbor is a treasure and worth investing in

Sep 27, 2023 | By: Heather Maher

Those of us who call Gig Harbor “home” hold our town deeply in our hearts. When asked where I live, I smile and say proudly, “Gig Harbor!”, recalling images of our beautiful city.  What a dream it is to live in such a picturesque place. However, the beauty of Gig Harbor is not just in

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Letter to the editor: PenMet’s levy lid lift and love for the rate

Sep 26, 2023 | By: Craig McLaughlin

When it comes to their levy lid lift, PenMet is consistently and primarily talking about the levy rates.  I recently attended one of their levy information sessions, and I asked them for a commitment to disclose the dollar amounts involved as well.  They would not commit to doing that.  Is that decision indicative of PenMet

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