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Letter to the editor: Gig Harbor needs a public pool

Posted on June 20th, 2022 By:

As summer approaches, families in our region are once again scrambling to find places where their children can learn how to swim.

Our community is surrounded by water, yet our available pools are beyond capacity, some with hundreds on their swim lesson waitlist. Swimming is a joy, and an essential life skill.

According to the Red Cross, learning to swim can significantly reduce your risk of drowning. Currently, there is no public pool in Gig Harbor, and our Swim Safe Gig Harbor campaign has been advocating for a public aquatic facility to be built in our town.

We have been so encouraged by the local response from our campaign, but work still needs to be done to keep our families safe around the water. Families need to be aware of the layers of water safety protection needed, including wearing a life jacket, never swimming alone, keeping your eyes on your swimming children and not being distracted, and making sure each family member knows how to swim and at least to float or tread water for at least one minute (redcross.org).

For more information about our campaign, visit tinyurl.com/swimsafegigharborwebsite. Remember to put safety first while having fun in the water!

Heather Maher and Sarah Stancikas

Co-founders, Swim Safe Gig Harbor