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Letter to the editor: Candidacy is about opposition to short-term rentals

Posted on October 30th, 2023 By: Bonnie O'Malley

I read with great amusement Mr. Nadler’s response to the recent letter I submitted to Gig Harbor Now dated 10.20.23.  I guess I must give him 10 credits for his ability to twist the written word to reflect (once again) his own agenda of hammering away on Short-Term Rentals, although I think “vitriolic” and “contemptuous” to describe the tone of my composition are misnomers. I also refute the concepts of “Slander” and “Ridicule”.

Nor was my focus aimed at the general Citizenry of Gig Harbor. My aim is far more focused on Nadler and the very minute group of “influencers” whom he surrounds himself with, whose primary interest for even entering this political arena was to fulfill their demand to eliminate Short-Term Rentals altogether. During the 18 months that we worked to educate and support the formation of Short-Term Rental Regulations, our due diligence located emails between then current political and previously political members of the Gig Harbor Community whose sole purpose was to eliminate Short-Term Rentals. Those emails are available to the entire community as public record. Council Member Jeni Woock carried the torch into the decision-making process for them, and thus, the bandwagon was formed.

Since he did not understand the first time, I will simplify my statements for Nadler.

My letter was submitted as a response to his continued insistence that:

  • The Gig Harbor Short Term Rental Alliance was against Short Term Rental Regulation: Not at all.  Check the correspondence and check the data that was supplied to educate and aid both The Planning Commission and Council in the Regulation formation process.
  • The Alliance sought legal advice to threaten and intimidate the Council. Legal advice was solicited for the purpose of advising The Alliance and communicating with Legal Counsel affiliated with Council.  Who in their right mind would not seek such advice in this day and age?
  • Campaign Contribution was made by The Alliance. No, No, and No!  Easily proven. Show me the money!
  • Allegations of “Collusion” between The Alliance and Council. Absolutely False. Anyone can make accusations but only proof will stand up to scrutiny.
  • The Alliance served as a “Lobbying” Force. Since when does the act of individuals speaking up for Private Property Rights constitute a Lobby?

Respect is earned, and it can not be demanded by political figures who constantly use their position in government to spread falsehoods and fear among the citizenry.

Contrary to popular belief and T-Shirts that say “You cannot fix stupid”~ being well-informed fixes Stupid.  Fact Checking is a way of life in this day and age.

So here is the one point on which Nadler and I can agree:  “Don’t let anyone bully or intimidate you.”  Sort the facts from fiction by demanding proof.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Bonnie O’Malley

Gig Harbor

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