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Letter to the editor: Don’t institutionalize donations to non-profits

Posted on June 21st, 2022 By:

While I support the residents of Gig Harbor joining Pen Met — my recent letter was not to suggest that all of the non-profits in Gig Harbor would be funded by the Peninsula Metropolitan Park District. The park district has specific grants that they may be able to help with. Additionally the park district can do anything that is a benefit to its members as long as it has been approved by a vote of them in the form of a bond relating to building Art and Culture structures and programs.

The Executive Director of the Museum stated that the new levy would be .10/$1,000 total assessed value – the WAC (RCW 67.38.130[A]) Clearly allows up to .25/1000 Total assessed value. The new district would have General Obligation and Revenue bonding authority. This is similar to the funding a former City Administrator wanted to use on his HOTHOUSE/Bronze sculptures (Performing Arts Center) near the YMCA.

Examples of this tax can be found at the Showare Center in Kent and the Toyota Town Center in Wenatchee.

I am not in favor of institutionalizing donations to non-profit organizations by way of a taxing authority. The examples that Executive Director Lile stated on how they need to raise their money have worked in the past and will continue to work in the future. I realize that the last few years with COVID and the restrictions thereof could have been very difficult for the non-profits. Does the City of Gig Harbor have any left over Federal COVID money they can help them with? Otherwise, you have a fundraiser in the fall, I encourage everyone to donate as best they can.


William V. Sehmel

Gig Harbor

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