Tonya Strickland

Tonya Strickland is a Gig Harbor mom-of-two, longtime journalist, and Instagram influencer in the family and travel niche. Her blog, Two in Tow & On the Go, was recently named among the 10 Seattle-Area Instagram Accounts to Follow by ParentMap magazine. Tonya and her husband Bowen moved to Gig Harbor from California in 2021 with their two elementary school-age kiddos, Clara and Wyatt. Find her on Instagram and Facebook for all the kid-friendly places in and around Gig Harbor.

Two In Tow & On The Go | Shoot your shot in Ocean5’s laser tag arena

Mar 01, 2024

The laser tag industry is approaching its 40th anniversary this month, but a $15 game at Gig Harbor’s Ocean5 never gets old.

Two in Tow & On the Go | Local places to take kids over mid-winter break

Feb 16, 2024

When we first moved to Washington, our family was surprised to find that many school districts here offer mid-winter break — a bonus five days off school around President’s Day each February. Given that we just had two weeks off school during the holidays for regular ‘ol winter break, we couldn’t believe this break was

Two in Tow & On the Go | ‘Manhunt,’ bonfire and more DeMolay memories (Part II)

Feb 10, 2024

I first visited Fox Island’s Tacoma DeMolay Sandspit Park in 2021, when the kids and I were still the seeking out the Puget Sound’s elusive “real sand” beach after moving here from California. At the time, I’d never heard of the word “DeMolay” before. But I figured it was the last name of a local

Two in Tow & On the Go | The history of the DeMolay club behind this PenMet park (Part I)

Feb 09, 2024

The sandspit is a slice of Washington geography that’s truly special around here — and unlike any place we’ve ever been. But, did you know this nature preserve also has a uniquely interesting social history filled with mystery and intrigue? Namely, in its past relationship to … a secret society. Have I got you hooked yet? Read on.

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Two in Tow & On The Go | Zoo carousel fun facts

Jan 26, 2024

For this week’s column, I’m going to tell you fun facts about the Paul Titus Carousel at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma. Why? Because its history is fascinating. And because the kids love it. I like it, too. But … I’m also the Debbie Downer who gets mercilessly ill on anything that

Two In Tow & On The Go | Gig Harbor’s top venues for kids’ birthday parties

Jan 12, 2024

If you’ve ever Googled “birthday places near me”and become totally overwhelmed by the choices — I’ve got you. Here’s a list of all the places, prices and packages for your kiddo’s next party! For the second time* in my life, I can officially declare I’ve spent 76 hours compiling a list of more birthday party

Late Winter Break Holiday Event Roundup

Dec 30, 2023

Seeking some post-Christmas cheer while the kids are still out of school? Here’s the last of the local holiday events, albeit most are in the Tacoma area — but the worth the drive! If you’ve got something to add, email me at [email protected]. NOTE: Tickets are officially sold out to the remaining days of the

Two in Tow & On the Go | Going full steam at the Model Train Festival

Dec 29, 2023

The Washington State History Museum transforms into an indoor model train wonderland in this annual holiday event for all ages in nearby Tacoma. And there’s still time to go.

Two In Tow & On The Go: Artondale student art show on display at Gig Harbor Civic Center

Dec 15, 2023

Mrs. Oake’s second-grade class at Artondale Elementary School has an art show this December at Gig Harbor City Hall, 3510 Grandview St.

Two In Tow & On The Go: Ahoy Kitsap Playland is worth the drive

Nov 17, 2023

I know of a magical place where the little kids go, but the big kids secretly love playing there too. Children can climb, and spin and meet new friends. And it doesn’t even require a jacket, even in jacket weather. This place is Ahoy Kitsap Playland, a padded indoor commercial play place that’s widely popular yet doesn’t ever seem too crowded. Yes, it’s all the way north in Bremerton. But you get to pass the big Navy ships on the way there! Our faves here are the foam circles to tip-toe across the net bridge like rocks in a creek, an epic bright yellow wave slide and various ways to swing, sway and spin.