Tonya Strickland

Tonya Strickland is a Gig Harbor mom-of-two, longtime journalist, and Instagram influencer in the family and travel niche. Her blog, Two in Tow & On the Go, was recently named among the 10 Seattle-Area Instagram Accounts to Follow by ParentMap magazine. Tonya and her husband Bowen moved to Gig Harbor from California in 2021 with their two elementary school-age kiddos, Clara and Wyatt. Find her on Instagram and Facebook for all the kid-friendly places in and around Gig Harbor.

Two in Tow & On the Go: Kitsap County’s Anderson Park an uphill climb for kids

Sep 15, 2023

When Gig Harbor Now’s very own Kitsap crackerjack, Mr. Ed Friedrich, in all his infinite wisdom as a tried and true local, says to you, “Yo, new girl. You miss sand? Like, real sand? Because I’ve got just the place for you …”

You go, right?

Two in Tow & On the Go: Views, do’s and don’ts at the Old Ferry Landing

Sep 01, 2023

Today’s column took Clara and Wyatt through the rich history of Gig Harbor’s Old Ferry Landing, from its early days as a bustling transportation hub to its current status as a scenic viewpoint and public space. It also turned them into accidental trespassers. Oops.

Two in Tow & On the Go: By any name, Donkey Creek Park is a good time

Aug 18, 2023

There’s a lot to know about Gig Harbor’s famous Donkey Creek Park.
But did you know that Donkey Creek isn’t the creek’s real name? Or, that it’s not even a creek?
Read on as we break down all the charmingly odd tidbits about this family-friendly park you should definitely visit with your kids.

Two in Tow & On the Go: Shenandoah tours closed during construction

Aug 04, 2023

Here’s a tale of two little children, the slam of a door, and an unplanned climb aboard a very tall fishing vessel.

Two In Tow & On The Go: A walk up North Harborview Drive

Jul 28, 2023

We checked off two of Gig Harbor’s alternative park sites from the city’s rec page this week: Bogue Viewing Platform and Finholm View Climb. And they each offer family-friendly surprises for newcomers (100 stairs! Secret beach access!).

Two in Tow & On the Go: Love-locks in Gig Harbor

Jul 21, 2023

Last week, the kids and I stumbled on a love-lock bridge right here in Gig Harbor. Roughly 150 padlocks hang from the crisscross of cables along the city bridge over Donkey Creek. They’re cute, but not everyone is a fan. Here’s a closer look.

Two in Tow & On the Go: A whole lotta fun at the Harbor History Museum

Jul 14, 2023

This week, the kids and I played out some epic 1990s throwback skills at the Harbor History Museum’s new “I Spy: The Secret Museum” exhibit inspired by the brain-teaser pop culture picture books of (almost) the same name. Here’s how it works.

Two in Tow & On the Go: Library offers prizes for summer readers

Jun 30, 2023

The Pierce County Library Summer Reading Program is back, running now through Aug. 31. Read, track your progress, and score cool prizes. This local program is a family favorite of ours. Here’s why!

Two in Tow and On the Go: An adventure at the Port Orchard Hobbit House

Jun 09, 2023

A transformative middle-earth adventure awaits you at The Brothers Greenhouses about 30 miles north of Gig Harbor – and it’s so worth the trip.

14 names to remember this Memorial Day

May 29, 2023

This Memorial Day, I’ll be reflecting on 14 special names.

Inscribed on Gig Harbor’s World War II Veterans Memorial Monument at Kenneth Leo Marvin Veterans Memorial Park from last week’s column, are the names of Peninsula residents who died in accidents or battle while enlisted. Here they are.