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Letter to the editor: Smiley, Kreiselmaier support liberty

Posted on October 14th, 2022 By: Garth Jackson

Like many voters, I have become increasingly frustrated with the direction that D.C. progressives have been dragging our country.

Inflation, crime, homelessness, declining education, growing racial division, massive national debt and everything they touch is becoming worse and worse.  Their only answers are more control, more spending and more taxes.

Elections are about choices, but not just between one candidate and another, but between the American traditions of freedom and responsibility that made this country great and an overbearing, unaccountable, unresponsive government that is dragging us down to mediocrity.  I will always stand on the side of liberty and accountability, not just out of tradition but because they work while government control always fails.

We have two candidates for congress that appreciate liberty and will fight for it while their opponents have an unbroken history of supporting the failures of big government. I am enthusiastically supporting Tiffany Smiley for the Senate and Elizabeth Kreiselmaier for the House.  Please choose to vote for liberty.

Garth Jackson

Gig Harbor