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Letter to the editor: Mary Barber running a campaign with integrity

Posted on November 6th, 2023 By: Carolyn Allen
This is a published piece written by Mary Barber who is running for Gig Harbor City Council Position 4.

We are privileged to have this caliber of a human being as a leader of our city.

I’ve seen and heard some mistruths from her opponent. Mr. Nadler continues to hammer on Short-Term Rental Owners as a Special Interest Group, even though the Gig Harbor Short-Term Rental Alliance did not contribute ONE CENT to Mary Barber’s campaign. I publicly invite Mr. Nadler and any other community member to view our check ledger and bank account to verify this is NOT TRUE! In fact, the last expenditure was helium for balloons for the children at the 2023 Maritime Parade.

Each and every individual in our community has a RIGHT to contribute as a citizen to any candidate running for office. Mr. Nadler’s accusations simply are not true!

Running for office with Integrity is an important human quality I look for in any candidate in which to place my vote. Degrading an opponent or people who choose to support her efforts is not a candidate I can support.

I endorse Mary Barber for Position 4 Gig Harbor City Council.

Please vote. Your last day to vote is November 7th before 8 p.m.

Carolyn Allen 

Gig Harbor Short-Term Rental Alliance, Co-Founder

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