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Two In Tow & On The Go | Playing Nature Bingo with two new flora fans

Jul 12, 2024

back in my Instagram era, when I still kinda-sorta cared about likes, I knew exactly what type of content would be a sure-fire hit with the crowd.

One might think those fan-favorite topics guaranteed to pull reactions from people like snacks from a diaper bag would be along the lines of our “Top 10 Playgrounds” or “Kiddo Destinations worth the Drive.”

But, no.

The topic was … plants.

That’s right – plants. Lush and green or prickly and purple – it didn’t matter. Washington people LOVE their plants.

Gig Harbor Now and Then | Right Hand Peninsula would’ve been a better name

Jul 01, 2024

As we noted in our previous column, the Key Peninsula was named in 1931 through a contest organized by several local businessmen. The winner, Edward M. Stone of Lakebay, submitted the name “Key.” That, added to “peninsula,” of course resulted in “Key Peninsula.” Our new question has to do with the runners-up: What were the

Gig Harbor Now and Then | The dumbest way to kill a shark

Jun 17, 2024

E. E. may not have had all his Marbles, given his curious reaction to finding a shark on a beach near Rosedale in 1907.

Gig Harbor Now and Then | You may be familiar with this former Post Office location

Jun 03, 2024

The post office was in a well-known building at the corner of Harborview and Pioneer — for most of 1951, anyway.

Two in Tow & On the Go | Connections made in our 14 Names to Remember Project

May 24, 2024

Merriam-Webster defines human connection as the state of being linked to another person or people through kinship or common interest. For me, human connection is the reason behind most of my writing.

One thing I’ve always said about my motivations for tracking down the names, dates, correct spellings, missing incident reports and the essential stories behind who these guys were is because I felt it was important to get the lives of these young men in front of people again. To put their stories, acts and sacrifices on the modern day record and not stuffed away in a printed-paper archive somewhere. And, with any luck, perhaps even attract the attention of their descendants who, in all likelihood, never found out the specifics of how their dad’s brother or their grandmother’s cousin fought and died in WWII.

14 Names to Remember | Arnold Boers

May 23, 2024

Cpl. Arnold “Arn” Joseph Boers was born June 19, 1921, in Wapato, Washington, to Anna Henrica (Schoenmakers) Boers and Arnold Francis Boers Sr. In the 1930 U.S. Census, he had eight siblings: Margaret, Elizabeth, John, Cornelius, Johanna, Jack, Nellie and Robert Boers. At the time, the family lived in Seattle.

Gig Harbor Now and Then | These boots were made for walking … just not inside

May 20, 2024

Before addressing the answer to the question from our last column, it’s worth mentioning that if you haven’t seen Tonya Strickland’s 14 Names to Remember project, a tribute to the Peninsula’s WW2 dead, there’s plenty of time left to do so. It’s well worth seeing.       Unlike the granite monument in Kenneth Leo Marvin

Gig Harbor Now and Then | The state of Mississippi once owned over 300 acres of Gig Harbor land

May 06, 2024

Gig Harbor Now and Then’s previous question concerns a specific piece of land inside the Gig Harbor city limits, granted by the federal government over 150 years ago for the exclusive benefit of education. The question is: What was the name of the government entity in possession of the land in 1872? Answer: The state of

Gig Harbor Now and Then | Which government agency originally owned the land where this school now stands?

Apr 22, 2024

The last three Gig Harbor Now and Then columns have not posed any questions of local history. We will return to that format this week, somewhat under duress. There’s a rumor floating around that unless we return to posting questions, we might be replaced by a new column. If you think we’ve been writing boring

Gig Harbor native Gilich an assistant at ASU after long climb up coaching ladder

Apr 17, 2024

Anthony Gilich can attest that profound life lessons can be learned on a baseball diamond. For the Gig Harbor native, one life-altering lesson came while serving as junior varsity baseball coach at Ellensburg High School during his final semester of college. To graduate from Central Washington University with his degree in communications, it was a