Gig Harborites love the natural surroundings in which they live, and Gig Harbor Now staff members keep them apprised of opportunities to enjoy and preserve their forests, waters and creatures.

Day Tripper: Troll takes up residence on nearby Bainbridge Island

Aug 30, 2023 | By: Mary Williams

Day Tripper – Live like a tourist while staying close to home Gas prices are sky high, and a night in a hotel is approaching astronomically expensive.  So, for the foreseeable future, I imagine many of you are going to find yourselves taking day trips rather than the road trip vacations we’ve grown to love. 

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Famed Willits Canoes get a Gig Harbor homecoming

Aug 21, 2023 | By: Chapin Day

Phil Miller already has checked the tide charts. He’s regularly checking the weather forecasts. Why? This weekend, Miller, a retired Gig Harbor firefighter usually busy with other pursuits, plans to lead an armada up Hale Passage to invade an island. OK.  So it’s only a little local island. OK. So the landing craft are only

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Two in Tow & On the Go: By any name, Donkey Creek Park is a good time

Aug 18, 2023 | By:

There’s a lot to know about Gig Harbor’s famous Donkey Creek Park.
But did you know that Donkey Creek isn’t the creek’s real name? Or, that it’s not even a creek?
Read on as we break down all the charmingly odd tidbits about this family-friendly park you should definitely visit with your kids.

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With bear sightings on the rise, locals learn to live with the wild

Aug 17, 2023 | By:

The vibration that shook a Gig Harbor house on a recent Wednesday evening was so intense, the people inside thought it might be an earthquake. Then a neighbor called, warning of a black bear in the neighborhood. The critter scaled the neighbor’s tall fence with surprising speed. Another tremor rattled the house. An enormous, fur-covered

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Conservation grants help add to city’s North Creek property

Aug 16, 2023 | By:

Conservation Futures money also will fund expansion of Tacoma DeMolay Sandspit on Fox Island and buy 60 acres next to Haley State Park on Key Peninsula.

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Developer of local project to appeal Department of Ecology fine

Aug 15, 2023 | By:

The Washington Department of Ecology issued a $56,000 fine to RM Homes of Puyallup over what the department called “multiple water quality violations” at a construction site on Edwards Drive in Gig Harbor.  The department issued the fine on June 28. RM Homes owner Ryan McGowan said he has engaged a land use attorney and

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Jennifer Preston: Here’s how to clean like the Swedes

Aug 02, 2023 | By:

Reusable and recyclable Swedish dishtowels last for months and are made from cotton and cellulose (wood pulp). Swedish inventor Curt Lindquist created them in 1949. Now, they’re manufactured all over the world in beautiful patterns and whimsical designs. Most kitchen cleaning tools are made of plastics, like polyester or polyurethane. They are non-biodegradable, contribute to

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Rotary of Gig Harbor seeking potential exchange students

Jul 28, 2023 | By: Cindy Reed

Editor’s note: The Rotary Club of Gig Harbor wrote this article and submitted it for publication. The Rotary Club of Gig Harbor is looking for parents who feel they have raised exceptional young people who are destined for great futures — and for young people looking for ways to leverage their learning experiences by going

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Two in Tow & On the Go: Love-locks in Gig Harbor

Jul 21, 2023 | By:

Last week, the kids and I stumbled on a love-lock bridge right here in Gig Harbor. Roughly 150 padlocks hang from the crisscross of cables along the city bridge over Donkey Creek. They’re cute, but not everyone is a fan. Here’s a closer look.

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On Fox Island, an old Navy acoustics lab gets a new life

Jul 07, 2023 | By:

As a youth, Ty Clarke liked to water-ski and wake-board from his parents’ beach on the southwest shore of Fox Island. Cutting through the glassy water of Carr Inlet, at the turnaround point on their runs, Ty and his friends couldn’t help noticing something off-putting: a neglected concrete box of a building squatting on the

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