Letter to the editor: Gig Harbor needs a public pool

Jun 20, 2022 | By:

As summer approaches, families in our region are once again scrambling to find places where their children can learn how to swim. Our community is surrounded by water, yet our available pools are beyond capacity, some with hundreds on their swim lesson waitlist. Swimming is a joy, and an essential life skill. According to the

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Letter to the editor: Cultural Arts District is the best option

Jun 13, 2022 | By: Stephanie Lile

Thank you for publishing Bill Sehmel’s letter regarding the proposed Peninsula Cultural Arts District. I’d like to provide a few key details and differences between what park districts and Cultural Arts Districts can do for the community. While I’m a big fan and supporter of all our regional parks, there are Washington State laws that

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Letter to the editor: City should consider joining parks district

Jun 09, 2022 | By: William V. Sehmel

Recently the executive director of the Harbor History Museum went before the Gig Harbor City Council and spoke on the idea of forming a new taxing district to support nonprofits in the Gig Harbor community, with a boundary that mirrors the Peninsula School District. While the idea is noble and deserving, the size of the

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Letter to the editor: Support Gig Harbor Fire bond

May 23, 2022 | By: Brad Harris

I want to thank the Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One Board of Fire Commissioners for placing a facilities bond on the August primary election ballot, and I thank our community for considering this vital measure.  With Gig Harbor’s growth of 16% since 2010 and a concurrent 37% increase in call volumes, we require adequate facilities to

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Keep trees healthy; no more topping

Feb 14, 2022 | By: Marian Berjekian

Cutting off the entire top of a tree to open a view can kill or weaken it and encourage it to quickly grow back.

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Persistence pays in launch of new Gig Harbor news organization

Sep 03, 2021 | By:

The roots of the new Gig Harbor news site go all the way back to 2018 and the demise of the weekly newspaper Gig Harbor Life. It finally launched on Sept. 3.

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